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Evolutionary Implications of Horizontal Gene Transfer" in Annual Review of Genetics

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Lateral gene transfer list of papers.

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Horizontal Gene Transfer 2nd Ed. In 2002 Academic Press published a collection of reviews and original research articles covering some of the most recent findings and insights into horizontal gene transfer [ lateral gene transfer ]. This is editied by myself and Clarence Kado.

Horizontal gene transfer is the transfer of genetic material between distinct species, a process that plays a major role in the evolution of the genome. Evidence for the transfer of genes singly and in modular groups between lower and higher organisms (including humans) has been mounting. The second edition of Horizontal Gene Transfer [ lateral gene transfer ] has been organized to provide a concise and up-to-date coverage of the most important discoveries in this fascinating field. Written by the most prominent gene transfer and genome analytical scientists, this book details experimental evidence for the phenomenon of horizontal gene transfer [ lateral gene transfer ] and discusses further evidence provided by the recent completion of genomic sequences from Archea, Bacteria, and Eucarya members.

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