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The Davis Democratic Club is Sponsoring
The Following Events

Date: Thursday, March 19, 2008
Event: “How should Democratic Party activist pursue the progressive agenda in the age of Obama”
A round table panel presentation.
Place: Blanchard Room of the Davis Branch of the Yolo County Library
315 East 14th Street in Davis.
Time: Open 6:00 PM
Potluck: 6:30PM
Program: 7PM

We have good food, good drink, raffles, and an excellent, timely program. The suggested donation at the door will be $5.

This is a potluck event. Please come break bread with us and share pleasant conversation and food with fellow Democrats. Please bring enough of your favorie food to share with 4 to 6 people. If you do not know what to bring, the following is the suggested alphabet breakdown by Last Name:
A-G Salad
H-O Dessert
P-Z Main Course


Today we know that just because a clear majority of Democrats may support certain issues, enacting those issues remain problematical. Many of us remember the last time Democrats gained the reigns of power and how important the issue of reforming national health care was to the 1992 presidential election. However, in spite of that apparent mandate, the insurance companies successfully defeated Clinton's efforts to pursue reform. Today many of us see another mandate around Obama's election to pursue a progressive agenda. The question on how we should proceed will be the topic of our round table discussion. The discussion will cover both tactical questions such as what tools do we have in our struggle as well as which issues need to be pursued.

The panel will consist of the following:

Sara Rogers is an aide to Senator Mark Leno of Marin county has worked in Sacramento for the last six years. She has worked specifically on the single payer health plan issue.

Ryan Looney worked for the Obama presidential campaign for Northern California and will describe the conversion of the campaign into an organization that will mobilize supporters behind issues important to President Obama.

David Greenwald is a local blogger who will describe to us how this relatively new tool can play an essential role in advancing progressive issues.

We also plan to have a representative from the Sierra Club who has had years of experience working to promote environmental and green issues at both the state and federal level.

Call Mike Syvanen during the day at 752-4991 or all other hours at 756-5831 or Bob Bockwinkel at 758-7389 for information


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