Are you looking for comfortable hiking boots?

Custom made, comfortable hiking boots by Murray Space Shoe
    Master boot and shoemaker, Franklin MURRAY SPACE SHOE makes the most comfortable hiking boots by a unique process of hand crafting all footwear to fit each person's feet. This is our specialty! No two people are exactly alike! No two feet are exactly alike! Therefore, all MURRAY SPACE SHOE hiking boots are expressly custom made to the size, shape and special requirements of each foot.

    Don't waste your time and patience trying to make your feet fit into a pair of boots which are not made to your individual feet. Why suffer? Why endure pain and discomfort?

    The bootmaker at MURRAY SPACE SHOE has been making custom hiking boots for 30 years based on true plaster reproductions of the customer's feet. If you want to experience real hiking comfort, you must come to visit the MURRAY SPACE SHOE bootmaker to place your first order.

    There are no exceptions because YOUR feet are so important! We don't accept casts from anyone else. You are casted by the same craftsperson who will make YOUR hiking boots. WE believe in direct one to one communication so that you can receive the highest quality service possible and the finest footwear we can make.

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