Photographer, G Richard Yamagata

G Richard Yamagata is an amateur photographer. These pictures were taken as he hikes into remote areas to pan for gold. You can see and learn more by going to

G Richard Yamagata is co-founder, CEO and President of Virtual Market Enterprises, Inc. He also is on the board of directors of the Davis Community Network, secretary of the board of directors of the Davis Democrat Club, on the board of directors of Virtual Market Enterprises Inc, member of the board of the Business Link of Woodland and Davis and a founding member/co-founder, board member and secretary-treasurer of the Davis Progresive Business Exchange, and communications liason of the Independent Order of Oddfellows chapter 169. He holds a BS and PhD from the University of California, Davis.

G Richard is the webmaster and web artist of over 140 web sites which are updated from weekly to annually. To see these web sites, visit the Virtual Markets at
His only favorite movie reviewer is Roger Ebert, because there is not a single movie that Roger Ebert has given a positive review that he did not like nor a single movie that he panned that he did not hate. This unique phenomena has Richard purchasing Roger Ebert's Movie Home Companion review guide every 5 years since 1989 and has him watching each week Siskel and Ebert, now Ebert and Roeper. The review that firmly established Roger Ebert in his mind as the person to read or view for movie reviews was the famed Benji, The Hunted review disagreement with Gene Siskel. People should realize that Roger Eberts contribution to the American Film Industry is great. His reviews and interviews filtered through his love of film and and his philosophy of viewing movies has influenced many, many people that like to watch movies and be entertained. As the doom-sayers continue to predict the demise of the movie theater, as long as Roger Ebert is writing reviews, that will not come to pass. Roger's wit and unique writing style remains as enjoyable to read and his advice on what is worth seeing remains true to G Richard's tastes. Who else could write, "I like this movie about as much as it's possible to like a movie with a two-star rating." That is part of what makes reading Roger Ebert reviews so truly enjoyable.

G Richard's passion remains collecting and watching DVD movies with good friends. His collection has grown to over 2200 DVD titles and continues to grow by over 30 DVDs per month. He wants to start writing movie reviews, but with work and everything else, that remains only an unfulfilled dream. To view one of his reviews, [ Click Here ].

As a note of complete trivia, what started the Yamagata DVD collection are the BBC television tales of Richard Sharpe, a character created by Bernard Cornwell for his "Sharpe" novels. The clarity of the picture and sound quality on DVD is far and away superior to VHS tape or broadcast TV, and with that realization, the rest is history. [Richard Yamagata has yet to invest in a Blue Ray player.] Richard Sharpe is played by Sean Bean. The series has this great beer drinking song that adds another stanza with every TV episode and in 2007, another TV show was added to the collection. The total number of TV shows in the series now stands at 15 episodes. One can only hope that more will come to pass. "O'er the hills and o'er the plains; for fortune, plunder, gun and fame; King George commands and we obey; o'er the hills and far away..."

Richard can be reached at yamagata at virtual-markets dot net