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High Sierra Water Fall
About Photographer Mike McCreary
Photos from Tilden Park by Sue Greenwald of Davis, CA
About Photographer Sue Greenwald
Donner Lake changes with the seasons.
About Photographer Mike McCreary
Views from the high sierras.
About Photographer G Richard Yamagata
Wyoming, where the buffalo roam.
About Photographer Mike McCreary

Photographer, Mike McCreary

Mike McCreary is a photographer that travels and hikes with his bicycle. The photos were taken from one of the Falls on the Feather River, Donner Lake, and Yellow Stone National Park

Mike McCreary is an owner of Virtual Market Enterprises, Inc. and is the webmaster of serveral web sites which include: And, Mike helps out with maintaining the Yolo County Transportation District website at YCTD.ORG.

One of Mike's most significant achievements in his adventures in goldpanning is that he saved G Richard Yamagata from drowning on the American River in Coloma at the Sutter Mill Gold Discovery site for which Richard and his son are very grateful. Which punctuates this fact is that a river raft guide drowned near the same spot that Mike pulled out and saved Richard in 1996.

Visit Mke McCreary's web site to find out what he is up to and his latest doings.

Mike can be reached at mccreary at wanderbike dot com