Author, Yataro Matsuura

Yataro Matsuura is a nature enthusiast and author of magazine articles pertaining to hiking trails. He is also a book critic and owner of Cow Books in Tokyo. He is a leader in Tokyo's young literary scene, and he's also famed for being a perceptive and discerning book collector. You can visit Cow Books at

Yotaro commented about hiking the John Muir Trail: "When I walked the "John Muir Trail, it was severe hiking... I did it thanks to Murray Space Shoes [Humboldt Hiking Boots]. I was able to enjoy the severe "John Muir Trail hiking... When I came back from the mountains my feet were beautiful." -- Yataro M. 15/Aug/2008

Yataro Matsuura on the John Muir Trail

Yataro Matsuura at a lake on the John Muir Trail
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