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Jerry was born and raised on a small farm in the tiny farming community of French Camp, California. During his senior year in Stockton High School, World War II broke out on December, 7, 1941. In March, 1942, Jerry was interned with his parents and siblings in a camp on the Gila Indian Reservation in Arizona. He is a World War II veteran. Jerry and his wife, Teresa together have 4 sons and 1 daughter: Taro Jay Kaneko, John Kaneko, DVM, MS, Jim Kaneko, DVM, MPVM, Richard Bynum, MFA and Louisa Bynum, DVM. Jerry and Teresa have lived in Davis since 1951. All their children received their elementary school education in Davis schools and in addition, Jim and Louisa received their DVM degrees at UC Davis.

Jerry with his son, Jim Kaneko
Jerry with son, Jim, at graduation from
UCD School of Veterinary Medicine

AB (Chemistry), DVM, PhD (UC Davis), DVSc (hc) (State University of Ghent, Belgium)


Faculty member in the School of Veterinary Medicine and chaired his department for 17 years. He retired in 1994 after 38 years and is now Professor emeritus. Practiced veterinary medicine intermittently for 10 years. He continues to remain active in his academic pursuits by contributing to continuing education, writing, speaking, consulting and being active in his professional societies. Jerry has regularly hosted and/or organized scientific conferences and continuing education programs for a number years through UC Davis.

Jerry owns and manages a rental property business in Davis. He is also owner-operator of a small farm in Yolo County which is principally devoted to field crops. This farm is being developed into a sustainable wildlife friendly habitat.

Jerry continues to maintain his strong interest in our government and in the well-being of all our populace, men and women from cradle to the grave. Assistance to our less fortunate, quality education for all, access to health care and quality public safety are among his major passions.

When possible, Jerry takes time to pursue his hobbies; restoration of antique vehicles including tractors, trout and ocean fishing, cross-country skiing, hiking.

Jerry Kaneko
556 Reed Dr
Davis, CA 95616, USA

E-mail: jkaneko@ucdavis.edu
Tel: 1-530-756-2324
Fax: 1-530-756-0927

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