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Sense of Community

  • Will maintain our policy of placing shopping centers within neighborhoods.
Jerry & Teresa Kaneko
  • Will establish community activity centers within our neighborhood parks and jointly with the School District.
  • Will promote livability in our community through environmental, recreational and cultural enhancements.
  • Will restore open communication with all and develop a rapport with the university.
  • Will support Measure J: The Citizen's Right to Vote on Future Use of Open Space and Agricultural Land.
    It is time for the will of the people to be directly expressed on this planning issue. It is time to establish an urban limit line.
  • Will develop close city and school district cooperation. Advocates a joint city/school facilities program.
Economic Stability
  • Will support clean, high technology industries in Davis to take full advantage of the talent at UCDavis.
  • Will support our downtown as the core shopping and entertainment center of our city. Supports diversification of retail in Davis with no big box malls.
Environment and Air Quality
  • Will support innovative ways to reduce and calm traffic throughout our city.
  • Will support public transportation in Davis and Yolo County as an effective and important strategy for reducing traffic and the environmental pollution which accompanies it.
  • As chair of the Yolo County Transportation District, led the establishment of the circle bus route to the Sacramento International Airport. In recognition of this achievement, the American Lung Association awarded the YCTD its 1998 Clean Air Award.
    As vice-chair of the Capitol Corridors Joint Powers Board, actively promoted increased frequency of trains through Davis and station improvements.
  • Will support efforts to protect our ground water.
For More Information...
Please call Jerry Kaneko at 756-2324
or email: jkaneko@dcn.davis.ca.us
or 556 Reed Drive, Davis, CA 95616
or Fax 756-0927

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