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Ben and Jerry's Annual
Ice Cream Social

The public and the Davis Democrat Club members are invited to attend.
Thurs. August 31, 2000,
Starting at 7:00 PM
at Jerry's home at 556 Reed Drive call 753-9750 for directions

Jerry Kaneko for City Council 2000
Jerry Kaneko for City Council 2000
[ Historic Text; March 1, 2000 ]
Thank you for your support. It is current opinion of many that Jerry Kaneko will be one of the three that will win a seat on March 7. This is because many people interviewed and polled in Davis view Jerry Kaneko as a positive unifying force for the community of Davis. Jerry's heart is in Davis. He has the knowledge and the heart to bring together the Davis city council and to bring the city back together with the University in planning the shape and composition of the community of Davis for the years to come.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to other friends and neighbors for all are welcome.

Remember! Election day is Tues. March 7, 2000!
We still need your participation on election day or when you cast your absentee ballot -- by casting one of your votes for Jerry.


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